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It all started when...

The Builder/Tech, Mark needed an outlet for his need to race. He purchased his first machine, a nice shiny red Ducati. From there his curiosity and love for European bikes came to be and lead him to specialize in these fast machines.

Mark worked at Ducati NY after finishing up at Wyotech and taking specialized training. He eventually ventured out on his own, following his motorcycle passion and need for creativity lead him to create Brooklyn Moto.



Brooklyn Moto has evolved during the years, from a small hole in a wall shop, to a huge brick & mortar space and now Mark has come around full circle and returned to a modest garage with all the necessary equipment to perform a full range of customization and services for the NYC Ducati, Triumph and KTM riders.  Mark has made his newest work space comfortable for his customers to feel at home and offering that secure comfortable mom and pop environment that it truly is. Come on by and check out his newest projects & services offered.


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